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25 May 2017

Fleet Lists Update: London

Started on a massive update needed for my various online fleet lists

I am a long way behind so will be updating in the order of my pile of PSVC new sheets!

Go Ahead Group 

Blue Triangle PSVC 922

Docklands Buses Ltd PSVC 922

Stagecoach Group

East London Bus Co

YT59 DYA  YT59DYA of Metrobus, Route D7.

© Sludge G (cc) one of the records updated in this batch

24 May 2017

Buses of Somerset in Devon

Another page updated this evening on PT Bus Services

030     Taunton - Axminster  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.490      07 AUG 2015 ►


First South West 30 30 May 2017

23 May 2017

Improved graphics

I have made slight change in how I present the links to timetables etc in PT Bus Services with the introduction of a new timetable graphic line which can be seen below in the latest pages updated



Plymouth Citybus 34

The top version is the preferred choice as its saves time as I don't need to build a new version every time a route changes. It also allows me to correctly identify the source of the information - usually Traveline

21 May 2017

Busiest Day

The second batch of changes needed for Cornwall Transit 063 all now on PT Bus Services:

T1     Penzance - Truro  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.174 

U2     Redruth -  Falmouth  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004984.179 

U1     Falmouth Newquay / Truro  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.187 

027    St Austell - Bodmin FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.505 

895    Padstow Park & Ride  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.309 

037    Helston - Redruth FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.376 

016    Penzance St Ives  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.438 

035    Helston - Falmouth FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.440 

036    Helston - Coverack  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.441 

036    Helston - Truro  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.469 

047    Troon -Truro FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.443

068    Falmouth - Golden Bank  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.466 

005    Penzance - Lamorna Cove  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.468 

090    Truro - Newquay FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.498 

A3       Lands End - St Ives  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.472 

087    Newquay - Truro  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.501 

024     Fowey - Mevagissey  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.504 

058    Newquay - Pentire  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.512 

085    Newquay - Holywell Bay  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.513 

025    Newquay - Fowey  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.514 

A5     Newquay - Padstow   FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.518 

055    Camelford - Wadebridge / Bodmin  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.526 

095    Camelford - Bude  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.529 

400    Falmouth - Pendennis Point  FIRST SOUTH WEST LTD PH0004983.556 

033    St Ives - Penderleath  NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD PH1086607.005 

055    Polmanter Holiday Park  NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD PH1086607.014 

044    St Ives - Trevalgan  NICHOLAS COLIN EASTWOOD PH1086607.015 

323    East Lizard Link  OFFICE & TRANSPORT SERVICES LTD PH1093399.008

20 May 2017

A Busy weekend

Its a massive update for Cornwall Transit 063 this coming week so…

PT Bus Services Pages updated today include



route-072 2017-05-28 Plymouth Citybus 72 Route-072A 2017-05-28 Plymouth Citybus 72A Route-072B

2017-05-28 Plymouth Citybus 72B

route-011 2017 05 28 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD ROUTE-011






route-076a2017 05 28 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD ROUTE-076a MAP