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21 July 2017

Busy week


Quite a few pages updated on PTBS over the last week:


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15 July 2017

Finished - for now!

The big fleet list update project has finally come to an end with all my online fleetlists now up to date to PSVC New sheet 929 June 2017


  • Bluebird Buses Ltd
  • Fife Scottish Omnibuses Ltd
  • Highland Country Buses Ltd
  • Western Buses Ltd

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  • First Aberdeen Ltd
  • First Glasgow
  • First Scotland East Ltd
  • Midland Bluebird Ltd
  • First Northern Ireland Ltd

14 July 2017

Fleet Lists

The last few days have been a bit erratic work wise but the following fleet lists have been updated:

National Express Fleet List

  • PSVC New sheet 8 now up to new sheet 929 June 2017


  • Busways Travel Services Ltd
  • Cleveland Transit Ltd
  • Yorkshire Traction Co Ltd  - all up to PSVC 929 June 2017

PT Header Fleet Lists

  • Go North East Ltd
  • Go Northern Ltd - both up to PSVC 929 June 2017

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  • First South Yorkshire Ltd
  • First West Yorkshire Ltd
  • First York Ltd - all up to PSVC 929 June 2017

10 July 2017

Monday 10th July


National Express Fleet List

News sheet area 7 all up to date for PSVC 929  - June 2017

09 July 2017

Sunday 9th July

A break from fleet listing while I prepare for Devon Transit due this week

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Pages Updated:

A new pages has been set up on PTBS with links to operators on the net:

Links added




New Maps:

First Kernow 810

Saturday 8 July

as before lots of fleet list updating…


  • Cambus
  • Go West
  • Lincolnshire Road Car
  • Glenvale
  • Greater Manchester Buses South
  • Stagecoach North West

PT Header Fleet Lists

  • Anglian
  • Carousel Buses
  • Chambers

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  • First Eastern Counties
  • First Manchester
  • First Pioneer (ceased operator now)

National Express Fleet List

  • National Express Area 5
  • National Express Area 6

All of these are now right up to date to PSVC new sheets 929 - June 2017